A peculiar feeling. I don’t know if I have to enjoy myself or to feel bad. I just think about my future. Have I taken the good decision. I have the feeling that I don’t move forward, I feel like not to progress . Nevertheless, I have made progress, I’ve learned many things, but I don’t remember what. Time seems to be long and nothing good arrives. Friends have deserted my area that plunges me in sadness. When you are on the dole, friends most of the part quit. They have their own life which is busy and full of everything except boredom.

It seems however that I get a new friend, maybe two. Work’s relationships, why not ? We try to help each other, me with my knowledge and they with their work’s relations.


to be lucky is a feeling

OK I didn’t caugh a new job, but I suscribed a new learning for having a different job in a year. Ok, I don’t have a boyfriend I love, but I have new friends who are lovable and who are listening to me. I’m a lucky woman.

Last week it rained, this week it’s raining. Ok, the weather is not good, but the new book I read is very exciting, my new English’ lessons are very interesting. I’m a lucky woman.

we will see

No new job, I’m a little disapointed but I have another plan. I’m waiting for a new learning (HR Course to do a master I in HR department). I have a meet at wednesday the 18th, to explain my workproject to a Teacher. Anyway. Here, the weather is sunny and almost warm. This afternoon, I will walk with a friend of mine in the forest with her two dogs.

At Monday, I will go to an « open doors » in an English club to improve my english in front of a public. It is not expensive (90€ a year) and you are training with each other and to tell a story or make a speech in front of a friendly public. I will try and see, and If it enjoys me, I’ll take a registration, I’ll sign up.


Today, I learned many english idioms.

For example : « piece of cake » that means « it’s very easy », or « one smart cookie » wich means that the person is very intelligent, and so on.

I find it funny to learn and easy to remember, because the image are funny or incredible. Sometimes, it’s a hard nut to crack (hardly to understand) and difficult to translate. But it reveals a part of the foreign cultur you’re learning.


Somedays, its terrible to listen to people making them selfpromotion ! I have a friend, no, many friends and ex-colleagues that make this : I call them « me myself and I ». They always tell their life, without listen to another’s. They always say that what they do is better than others do. They don’t recognize the merit anothers, interrupt, and hangs the facts with their own acts. Put forward, stand out,  make their « selfpromotion », crush the others,  « step on the head » off others to seem more intelligent, hard-working, cunning and so on… One call them in France,  » donkeys which brush themselves alone « …Today, it has irrited me and I left.

Just a diary on internet…

It’s sometimes hard to find what to say every day… I have visited other blogs : each has different goals, different themes, they are often decorated with photographs, colours, some are really very interesting !

When I have had the idea to create a blog, I wanted just to improve and to increase my English language, but  I wanted to write too. That’s why I have made the choice : no decor, no colour. Only the words. This blog was not created to be seen from the others except me. However, if somebody looks at it, I don’t mind, but it is not the purpose (and I think it consists just of boring posts for people).  The blog is just  » a support », like a sheet of paper, it’s my will. I want to write my blog like a diary, just for me… but with the new technologies.


This morning I have a meet with my English correspondent. He said me, my english beginn to be fluently. I was happy to listen to that. I decided to visit an English club in my town : Pau. I must dare that to improve my english langage with other people, specially english people. First, I have to fight my shyness to come in the club and take a cofe, meet people and the rest will follow. I hope so.

The creative bend (that I’ve read in another blog)

For my part, after hearing black metal, I began  learning the drum but it required an equipment embarrassing in my apartment, not to mention the neighbors who would have been able to be bothered with the noise.

Finally, I began the   » bodysuit fights « , a course of intense gym including techniques of boxing, karate, aikido, etc. and rather quickly I felt changes in my way of being. I react faster when somebody disturbs me or assaults me, and I am still amazed to see that he or she apologizes for his or her behavior… At the beginning, I did not make the link, but by thinking about it, I began to think that there was a link.

Since this first step, other changes intervened. In particular the creation of this blog  » in English « , language on which I decided to speak fluently.

the game named « sosies »

This morning, I had my usual meeting with my english correspondent. It was funny, He told me jokes and anecdotes of his job, with witty remarks and sens of humour. I have listen to him everything but serious. However, I took notes about his presentation, and now I can have a memory of this meeting. I was telling him to say what he was doing in his work’s world yesterday. To help him to tell that, I played a game with him : the game named « the sosies ». The rules are : « If I could be your double, your sosies, what do I have to do in your work that nobody notices the difference ? ».

It will allow me to learn and to use the words concerning the world of the work of an head of HR(in English).